Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stand in Holy Places, Our Day at the Temple

During one of our trips to the Frankfurt, Germany temple, our Young Women's President wanted to get individual pictures of each girl in front and then photoshop the 2013 theme to give to each girl as a present at Young Women In Excellence.  Not everyone was at the temple, and there was not enough time to get all the girls together a different time, so we bagged it. However, we were able to get my girls and a couple of other ones. The above picture is what our President sent to me (since I wasn't there) to show me her idea. I totally loved her shots!  Maybe one day I'll enlarge them. 
One of my twins, Xoe

Both twins, Xoe & Xanthe

One of my twins, Xanthe

Mailee & Xoe

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