Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Faith #6- The Plan of Salvation and Glow Party

February, Month of Faith

Month: February
Value of the Month: Faith
Color: White
Value Experience #6 
Increase your understanding of the plan of salvation. 
Draw or obtain a picture that depicts the plan of salvation, including the premortal existence, 
birth, mortal life, death, judgment, and life after judgment. 
Using this picture, explain the plan of salvation to your class, your family, or a friend. 
Discuss how knowledge of the plan affects your actions, helps you understand your identity, 
and has strengthened your faith.

(Glow Food)
Rice Krispies Treats topped with melted white chocolate
Sliced Apples with white fruit dip 
(1 container Marshmallow Creme and an 8 oz. carton of cream cheese)
White Popcorn
Lemonade mixed with Tonic Water (quinine in Tonic Water glows)

We started off by taking pictures.  Then when everyone thought we were going to be having a super spiritual all white lesson, we flipped off the lights and had a glow light.  Our lesson was all done by the light of glow. The girls thought it was so cool and the food was glowing too!

We started the discussion by talking about Faith, more specifically what is to have faith in something or someone. To have faith in someone or something, we need to get to know that someone or something.  See if they're trustworthy . Understand their heart.  So in order to have faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father we need to get to know them. Understand what they want for us and what their plan for us is.  

Understanding the Plan of Salvation will help us, in a sense, understand them, their nature and purpose. 

Then we watched this movie.

Click here for the whole link.

We paired off and each girl received a scripture to read from the value experience #6.  They needed to then figure out who went in what order for how their scripture fit into the Plan of Salvation.

Afterward we gave them each their own Plan of Salvation kit. What they were to do was cut it all out and teach it as a lesson or as Family Home Evening.  They had 3 weeks to accomplish it and record it online, and then they received the jar filled with white items.  Here is the Plan we used.

Brightly Street The Plan of Salvation visual aids

I found this Plan of Salvation on the Brightly Street Blog.

As a bonus I thought I'd show you I even painted my toenails white!  We always get into the spirit!